Teaching parents the value of struggle – and how it’s helping

While parents need to support young children in their piano practice at home, I think the way they should support is through reminders to practice, giving opportunity to practice, and helping keep children organized. I think it’s very empowering for students to be independent musicians, and that requires parents taking a step back to let them flounder so they can learn to get themselves on the right track. That’s a lesson that no amount of parent input can achieve.


Parent support is very necessary for young beginner level piano students – to see that kids practise daily and to see that they use the homework book and follow instructions.

Unfortunately, parents often use this time to show their child what is correct (instead of showing them what they have forgotten to read, to find the answer themselves.) And that’s a problem, because that stops the student from thinking.

I think it’s because parents sometimes think the goal is to ‘achieve’ or ‘do something right’ and don’t realise that quality learning is not just about whether a child ‘get’s it’ but also about ‘how the child reaches there

Children are often learning by rote in schools, and it’s very common for children with no learning disabilities to be slow at reasoning at first, simply because it’s new.

So, when parents attend class with their young beginner kids, I’m…

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